Sneaking out and First Overnight

Was working away Thursday when I got a text from Jon saying want to cut out for an afternoon sail, so the answer was yes. Took a couple hours of leave and headed down boat. We went out for an early sunset sail, had nice sail and came back late.

Now my plan was to take Friday off and do some minor work and take a day sail, picked up Alex, local sail boater and we went out for a light wind sail which was nice. Then set about setting up for the night. Tried to get the AC running but could not get the pump working. Things cooled down and I had a nice night in the V-Berth (should have sleep in the main cabin) as there was no reason to squeeze into the V with two nice bunks waiting for me.

Sun came up to fog and a coffee, spent some time checking out the AC pump then off to Sailboat show.

Finished the show, passed up the 300k boats and headed off to the beach.