Hatch way project

Looking at the hatchway boards it is clear they need to be refinished, however there is no way to do it dockside in a day. So I decided to make a Plexiglas cover out of a piece my Dad had given me to make my bachelor dining room table.

A quick trip to Home Depot for a 4×4 section of plywood to use as a pattern and some rough cuts and I went down to slice out the correct section. Then back home to cut it out of plastic and back down to make the fit dead on.

OK, now I have the basic cover, but I want to dress it up a bit with some trim and hasp, I hope to have that done by weekend.

Author: Dan

Proud owner of Full Sail from the Port of Indecision and bound for anyplace

2 thoughts on “Hatch way project”

  1. What a slick idea! I’ve got to replace the hatch on my old T-26 Columbia – and that will be a great way to get light into the boat (no – I don’t really care about sun fading anything, even my new boat cushions). Plus if you are inside because of weather – overnight or sitting out a storm – a great window to look through instead of boards with a vent!

    1. Thanks, it works well. However I was overnighting on the boat and the stern was pointed east and sunrise woke me up at 5’ish. So now I am adding a cafe type of curtain to the hatch cover.

      plans are to use 4 – plexglass small blocks with hole drilled in for short oak dowel rail top and bottom and then Sunbrella curtain tied in the center to look nice and untie when we want to close it down.

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