Great weekend on the Bay!

Wow it could not have been a better weekend, Sat we had great winds in the teens and in the right directions. Jon, Bailey and I went out and within 2 hours were under the bay bridge into the upper bay. The bay was full of sail boats and we saw dock mates running the same track. Only an hour and haft back as Jon keep us right on the edge of the no sail range on a fast close hull run.

Sunday was a big one, the winds were light but my lovely wife and sister in law + husband came out for a sail. My wife Pat has concerns with boats but see went out and that’s a first. At least now she can say she tried it however I think she is a lot less worried that she was before. Stay tuned for updates.
Oh her sister Bernice turns out to really enjoy sailing so we hope to see more of her.

Author: Dan

Proud owner of Full Sail from the Port of Indecision and bound for anyplace

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