End of the Season 2021

Well we ran it down to the last days, Laura and I were out after Thanksgiving with a great sail on the Bay. We had almost all of the bay to ourselves. Wind was in the teens and we flew out past Thomas Point and then played a bit dancing here and there.

As that day can to an end we thought maybe we would get another, but it turned out to be the last trip out for the year.

Dec 11th we went down to try one one more time but the wind was howling so we just took the day to get her ready to pull, including pulling the sails (which was a interesting event given the wind). All done we went to the Boatyard Grill for a mini wake.

Next year can not come to soon, we will be back in early March!

Author: Dan

Proud owner of Full Sail from the Port of Indecision and bound for anyplace

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