3 Ladies, Me, and Dolphins

June 25th, bright sun low 80’s and 9 -12 knots of wind.

We started out with Terry helming us out under power, as we brought up the sails beating into the wind we keep the motor on just for security. At one point a dolphin jumped just off our port side and we all went crazy looking for them. I cut the motor and we looked up to the bow, soon there were maybe one or two of them playing with the bow wake. Before we could get our phones to film them they went off to find bigger boats to play with but it was a good luck omen. The rest of the day we worked our way south tacking across the bay all to put ourselves in position to spinnaker back. All was looking good till I hung the sail wrong, I really need to work on getting the lines right. Bottom line I got the chute all tangled up so we gave up and flew back under Genny and finished a great day.

Author: Dan

Proud owner of Full Sail from the Port of Indecision and bound for anyplace

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