Winter in the BVI – Jan 2020

January 2020 had Patricia and I down in the BVI’s on someone’s  boat, not as real sailors but rather that as guest for a week. The Arabella, a 157 foot triple mast sail boat.  The trip was an ASA charter and we had a great time.

I have never been on a ship like this one, With it’s full set of sails flying we skimmed past Whites Bay before dropping anchors off Soggy Dollar Bar.

Our trip was great although we came home to join our family in Delaware where my son Jon was attempting to recover from a heart event. Sadly I need to report that my First Mate, Jonathan Freedman, passed in February. Jonathan will be forever missed.


Splash Day

Happy PI Day

Well it’s both PI day and boat day, today Full Sail is scheduled to be splashed (if all goes well). I can’t tell you how excited I am to start the season.

Yes I know it is iffy time, but I have lots of projects to do and being in the water is better than climbing a ladder to get in/out.

1st up is getting sails back on, then rewiring the log sensor, then the internal lights. Once the systems are all checked out and De-winterized it will be time to do a shake down sail. Then it will be sailing season again!!!

Nap time for Full Sail

Dec 1, Nap time for Full Sail

Sadly we pulled the sails and closed up the boat today for the season! Next step is for Holiday Point to winterize her and fine an easy out location for her to sleep on the hard.

I have a few projects for the winter:

1. Install a new knot meter sensor,rerun the AC wires to HVAC (they are a bit short and I don’t like tight wires.
2. Install either an arch or davits on stern for the solar panels and AIS and long range Wifi (Maybe a new Bimini with short hardtop and room for canvas bridge to the dodger).
3. Flush out motor heat exchanger
4. More to come

Highlights of the season:

Connected with lots of people on the GoSailing app, and took quite a few out for day sails.

Went out in bad weather and got lost at mouth of eastern and Chesapeake bay and had to call for tow (thank you Boat USA). Along the way on that trip I got a compression fracture of L-1 while stuck in bow pulpit watching tow lines start to engage (learned from that one! 6 weeks off the boat “sad”).

Got new slip and had to learn how to euro dock (prop wash city).

Got caught in a squall coming out of Annapolis after waiting out another one and was surprised how well Full Sail handled 30 knots wind with main not reefed (long story some time).

All in All a great learning season!

PS: Off to VI Sailing School in Jan to pick up sun, sailing, learning and more certs

History – previous owners

I was on the Columbia Owner’s Site ( ) and I saw an old email address for the second owner of Full Sail so I sent him an email and he replied. See Blow:

Hey there skipper,
Good to know that she is doing well. I was the second owner. First owner was the organized genius. I bought her as Vela Lena in 2001. Renamed / translated to Full Sail. Spent 13 years updating and making my own. Good to see you are doing the same. Did the previous owner trade up to another boat? Surprised it was sold so soon. Loved looking through your website.
Rob Fowler
Solomons, MD

Rob also pointed me to the original owner’s site ( which is well worth perusing.

Full Sail has spent 25 years with first owner, 13 with second, two with the next. I hope I get to spend many years at her tiller.
Capt. Dan