Opps – Murphy ( Dan) Strikes

Things were going fine and then Jon and I started to put up the Head Sail on the Furler. I must have inserted the sail into the wrong track on the rail because it got hard to pull as it got higher. Using the old brute force trick of the winch we got it up. However then the furler would not rotate.

I suspect we forced the rail up further on the mast head and locked it up.

Being smart and not wanting to go up the mast we took it down and contacted The Rigging Company out of Annapolis and they are coming down on the 21’st to check it out. Lets hope for an easy fix.

Who said this would be an easy entry back into the water…..

Getting close

This weekend Jon and I did a ton of work. The new control panel is done and everything works (thanks to Jon). The Bilge pump works correctly and counts how many times the auto float triggered it.

We have new LED lights in the cabin replacing the old florescent. The yard has cleaned and polished the prop and up next is the bottom paint and clean up the gel coat. With luck we will be back in the water in a week or two, depending on the weather.

I will post some shots of it

Getting close now

Just a week from March, and we are due to be back in water 1st week of March.

The new control panel is cut out and read for components to mount and install back in boat. Pat is out of town from Friday on so I will try and do the install and wiring on Sat/Sun. I will post pictures when done. Also I am pulling the old cabin lights out and putting in new LED ones which will save power.

Ordered bad weather gear today just in case (plus it was on sale at West Marine).

Setting the clock for Spring

Looking forward to spring,

Today I signed the 2017 lease and work plan to get the bottom painted, the top cleaned and waxed and every thing ship shape for a March 1 launch.

I sure hope the spring comes early but if not I plan to redo the control panel under the hatchway and change the rest of the cabin lights and I can do that with the boat in the water even if the weather is cold (I do have an electric space heater).

Wish me luck