Christmas Week 2020

With Covid keeping us locked down, I took a chance and chartered a 52′ Lagoon out of St Thomas for the week after Christmas and invited family to come along.

We were joined by the Lee’s and Lance for an exciting week on the water. Honestly the boat could have been better prepared and lacked some of things I had come to expect from basic sailing but we did ok with what we had.

The sails were really not rigged but she did have two nice motors and we were only bay hopping around St John and we were in 70-80 degree weather with beautiful waters so we made due.

The BVI’s were locked down with a $ 100,000 fine for coming in so we made sure not to wander into their waters (one night trip brought up fears of fines more than rocks!).

New Years Eve brought a floating concert to our Caneel Bay anchorage  while most of the crew was in St John Town, Pat and I just hung out and enjoyed the music.

All in all it was a fun trip and we learned a lot about close quarters with family, so good some not. But that is what life is like, and I am sure the grand kids who went will not forget it.