Spring Cleaning on the boat

What a weekend, Pat was off to a silent retreat Friday so went down and started working around 2:30 Friday, cleaning and organizing the boat. Boy that was a job, and I found a few minor things that needed fixing. One of the solar vents was not working so I tore it down and found the fan motor was stuck, however it turns out the whole unit was on sale half off at West so that was easy to solve (fool that I was to think it was that easy).

Saturday was just plain wonderful, mid to upper 70’s so I went back down. Hmm hanging the main was like making a bed with tangled up sheets, it took 3 tries to get it right, but it is up and ready to go now. Got a $30 shop vac at Loews and the boat is now dust free and spotless (except the galley sink). Spotted some paint and staining needed to be done to make her bright and shiny for the season, so I did that on Sunday.

I went by IKEA and got some floating baskets for the galley and the head and hung them, low $’s and high utility.

By the end of the day Friday and Sat I was shot, went home and fell asleep on the couch!

The vent teak trim cover was for 3” and the new unit was 3.250” so that went home to get adjusted. I think the sole (floor of the cabin), needs to be re-varnished as well as the cabin ladder. I will get the varnish and next time I am down as I leave I will lay down a coat.

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