Getting close

This weekend Jon and I did a ton of work. The new control panel is done and everything works (thanks to Jon). The Bilge pump works correctly and counts how many times the auto float triggered it.

We have new LED lights in the cabin replacing the old florescent. The yard has cleaned and polished the prop and up next is the bottom paint and clean up the gel coat. With luck we will be back in the water in a week or two, depending on the weather.

I will post some shots of it

Author: Dan

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2 thoughts on “Getting close”

  1. So I’m replacing my ancient panel as well. Smaller boat, less work though. I want to go with the LED options for all lights – overhead in cabin and running lights – did you get your stuff at West Marine? I have been buying paints and supplies at Jamestown Distributors for a long time. Looking good.

    1. I went all over for led’s found a site called superbrightleds that had good pricing and fast delivery. I also found that most of stuff can be found on Amazon at good to better pricing from the same suppliers. I ended up buying the breaker board from Defender through their amazon store cheaper than their catalog.

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