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I was on the Columbia Owner’s Site (http://www.columbia-yachts.com ) and I saw an old email address for the second owner of Full Sail so I sent him an email and he replied. See Blow:

Hey there skipper,
Good to know that she is doing well. I was the second owner. First owner was the organized genius. I bought her as Vela Lena in 2001. Renamed / translated to Full Sail. Spent 13 years updating and making my own. Good to see you are doing the same. Did the previous owner trade up to another boat? Surprised it was sold so soon. Loved looking through your website.
Rob Fowler
Solomons, MD

Rob also pointed me to the original owner’s site (http://www.svsarah.com/Sailing/SailingVelaLlena.htm) which is well worth perusing.

Full Sail has spent 25 years with first owner, 13 with second, two with the next. I hope I get to spend many years at her tiller.
Capt. Dan

Author: Dan

Proud owner of Full Sail from the Port of Indecision and bound for anyplace

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